Alpha's first love


Alpha's first love

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#COMPLETE# *In the process of editing it, so please be patient. Thanks!* Miraj had everything. She was the princess of werewolves. Her father is a beloved King, her mother a kind Queen, and her best friend and lover, Alexander is the future Alpha of the strongest pack in the kingdom. But everything ended when the rouges attacked when she was only fifteen. Forced to run away, they were grateful when Alpha Leon offered them shelter. But even that turned up to be a nightmare. Now the princess is a slave, abused and tortured, with no way out. Until one day, when a face from her past returned and gave her hope. Soon after, hope turned into a nightmare when her own mate started to call her a traitor and treat her even worse than she was treated before. But doomed by fate or not, Miraj is determined to prove her family's innocence and win her first love's heart once more. "I hate you. I hate you and your fu***ng family and everything you represent. Every time I look at you I feel disgust!" Alexander screams in my face, so close that I can see his eyes getting darker as the anger made the wolf come to the surface. But I am too tired to fight. Today I am too tired to convince him I am innocent and he is unfair and cruel. I don't have the power to answer back. So I just say with a broken voice: "Then end this. Let me die and end both our sufferings." He punches the wall behind me. "Why don't you understand? No matter how much I hate you the mere thought of losing you makes me more afraid than I thought I am capable of." With that, he storms out of the room.


  • alpha
  • possessive
  • arranged marriage
  • dominant
  • badboy
  • drama
  • bxg
  • abuse
  • first love
  • supernatural
  • Romance


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