The Runaway Shifter


The Runaway Shifter

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Jane has given up on that one part of herself. She has been let down by the people that she trusted. She ventured into the human population to live as a human though she knew that being a werewolf shifter will always be part of herself. She grew up in a pack where her father was the pack doctor while her mother was one of the low-rank members in the pack, an omega. Her mother’s rank in the pack did not dither her father to pursue the woman that the moon goddess has been given to him as a destined mate. Her parents’ mating was great and accepted by many except for the alpha. He has been desiring the female omega despite having a mate of his own. The worst has come that the alpha forced himself on her. In retaliation, Jane’s father wanted justice for his mate that he fought against his alpha. It did not end well. The pack doctor died in the hands of the alpha and it was witnessed by the eight-year-old child of the couple. In fear, in the middle of the night, Jane escaped from the territory and run into the world of the humans. She was terrified of the human world but she feared the alpha more and what he can do to the only witness of his crime. Jane lived on the street for a couple of years before she was adopted by a couple. She was twenty-four and living on her own. She inherited the diner/bakery of the couple who adopted her. However, right after the couple died, their biological son has been harassing her into leaving the small fortune to him. Aside from Billy’s harassment, adding to Jane’s issues was the group of tourists that visited the bakery. They were the ghost from Jane’s past. The werewolf shifters. Apparently, one of them was Jane’s mate. Will she accept the person that the moon goddess has been gifted to her? What if she was the offspring of the person she hated most? Is she going to let go of her past? Or will she forget her past and move on? @ June 2022


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • shifter
  • mate
  • decisive
  • brave
  • gxg
  • werewolves
  • offifice/work place
  • pack
  • supernatural


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