Her Dark Legion


Her Dark Legion

Length: 10hrs 01mins 49 episodesCompleted
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“I’ve come too far to surrender now …”Eledan’s nightmare has been unleashed upon the worlds and with Oberon gone, only the messenger crew stands in its way.Kellee, Talen, Sirius, Sota, and Kesh. Together, they are stronger, but there are forces on Faerie who do not want the worlds saved, forces that would see the Messenger and her crew torn apart.Queen to Faerie’s new king, Messenger, and more to the saru, lover to some and a weapon to others, but who is Kesh Lasota really? A guiding light or an unwitting puppet?Answers are coming.The time for lies has passed.And Kesh will soon learn some battles can’t be won alone.The mind-blowing Messenger Chronicles comes to its explosive conclusion in Her Dark Legion.


  • Science Fiction


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