Ruined By You


Ruined By You

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"NO PLEASE NO."I scream as he swings the whip back and forth in his hand. " You think you will cheat on me behind my back and I will let you go ?"he screams as the first lash makes its way on my back making me scream in pain. "Erik , no please stop or you will regret this. We have a bab-"I start but he cuts me off. "Shut up. Just shut it up Amber. I loved you so much and this is what you gave me , you slept with my own brother."he yells lashing the whip on my back again. How can I tell him that I am carrying his child in my womb right now which he is kicking ? I am pregnant , beaten , rejected and broken. What am I going to do ? ---- A loving mate , a caring family and a luxurious lifestyle. She had it all . But the higher you go , the chances of falling hard increases. What happens when she is found to be cheating on her husband with her brother in law. Will she be able to prove herself innocent when all proofs are against her ? Will her mate ever know about her innocence ? How will she fight this cruel world with a child growing in her ? Most of all , how will Erik react after meeting his child and wife after 3 years of rejecting her ? - A story of a wounded woman. Join the journey of Amber to see the struggles a rejected wife and a single mother goes through.


  • billionaire
  • alpha
  • possessive
  • forced
  • mate
  • counterattack
  • kickass heroine
  • Romance


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