Tales from the Creepery


Tales from the Creepery

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A baker’s dozen audio dramas are conjured out of the imagination of author Richard Curtis. Everyday places and situations are the backdrops for tense and unpredictable confrontations. A chance encounter between neighbors in their building’s trash room; a routine visit to a yoga class; a friendly chat in the cardiac recovery ward of a hospital—thirteen commonplace moments escalate into tension, violence—and even death. Patterned after such classic suspense radio programs as Inner Sanctum and The Shadow, every tale from The Creepery promises to wrack your nerves to the breaking point.For bonus content watch the “Postmortem” videos for each episode: https://www.thecreepery.com/bonus-material“You Have a Guest”It isn’t a sin to fantasize about your wife’s sister … or is it?“Get Well Soon”A hospital cardiac ward is the last place you would expect to hear a political quarrel. For Stanley Finster and Roy Janssen, it may well be the last place they hear anything at all.“Affair of the Heart”Roger Barskin left his wife in a doctor’s care. Perhaps the doctor cared a little too much.“Table Reading”Clifford Dimsdorp says he’s been ripped off. If he can’t get his money back, he’ll take his refund in blood.“As I Lay Peeing”Was it a simple medical procedure? Or was it Robert Tandry’s descent into the jaws of Hell?“Rogue Restroom”Boy meets girl in the unlikeliest place—a unisex bathroom, where nothing functions the way it’s supposed to.“Driven”A drive to the country club in a luxurious limo takes a sharp turn into the terrifying unknown.“Have a Nice Transaction”When Stuart encounters a vagrant at the bank, he hears a hard luck story. Whose hard luck, he is about to find out.“Trash Talk”A chance encounter of two neighbors disposing of their garbage produces the sickening odor of danger.“Is it Hot in Here or Is it Just Me?”Just how hot is Hot Yoga? Marty’s love-starved wife Laura is about to find out.“The Client from Hell”The aliens from another world traveled the universe looking in vain for an intelligent race. At last they came to the planet Earth, but alas … they found none there, either.“The Man in the Shuffle”Ralph Miller will do anything to get rid of the voices in his head—anything. Anything!“Godhead”Godhead is the title of a favorite painting that Madeline, the artist, sold in a moment of weakness. Now she wants to meet the man who bought it, to discover if he is worthy of the masterpiece. Is he?


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