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My Man Jeeves

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There were times when Bertie Wooster, the fictional narrator of these stories, was thought of as being at least a trifle feather-brained. However, he had a valet who seemed to know everything about everything. These are among more than three hundred short stories written by a man who began a short-lived career in banking after his college days.However, it didn’t take long for P. G. Wodehouse to decide he didn’t like that kind of job, and he began writing in whatever spare time he had. Just so you don’t get confused, there’ll also be stories here about Reggie Pepper, an early prototype of Wooster himself; you’ll have to sort out the differences … just want you to know. At any rate, the Wodehouse writing inevitably led to full time which, in turn, continued after he moved from his native England to the United States. There, in the WWI era he wrote for several Broadway musicals, and they became a huge part in turning such projects into part of the culture in the 1930s. In addition, Wodehouse penned a sizeable number of stories for MGM movies that enhanced his reputation. Anyone following such a career almost inevitably writes or says something of a memorable nature. That was more or less his accepted style, and one of his famous lines involved one of the glamorous ladies of the day. He observed, “She looked as if she had been poured into her clothes and had forgotten to say ‘when.’” Why wait? Let’s begin hearing some of his imaginative tales—eight of them to be exact.


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