America’s Choice


America’s Choice

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What is the greatest challenge facing our society today?America’s Choice asks, “What is the greatest challenge facing our society today?” The economy, national security, immigration, gun control, poverty, racism, crime, national pandemics, climate change? While each of these is a valid concern and deserves attention, none of them strikes at the heart of our greatest challenge, namely, finding a way to build stronger homes and in the process bringing about a return to family, God, and moral values. To put our prime focus on challenges other than these is to strike at the leaves, not the root of the problem.It is now our choice and America’s choice—to place our trust in the wisdom of God or the wisdom of the world—to be a nation under God or without God. If we become a nation under God, then we become eligible to be recipients of the promise: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” (Psalm 33:12).


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