The Witchy Tale


The Witchy Tale

Length: 08hrs 19mins 48 episodesCompleted
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Debora had one goal in life since she left her coven. It was to build herself in a way that she won't regret the decisions she took. She wanted to live with a clear conscience and guilt-free. When she found her mate in a powerful Siren called Felix, there was no boundaries to her happiness. For once, she thought her life was going to be peaceful and full of love. But the series of events that took place shortly after were not what she imagined. One after th other she found herself going back in th direction where she first started from. Back to her coven. And this time she was not alone, Felix was dragged into this as well.


  • Fantasy
  • revenge
  • dark
  • brave
  • witch/wizard
  • drama
  • straight
  • siren
  • female lead
  • magical world
  • witchcraft


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