Undeniable Attraction


Undeniable Attraction

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Before his lips landed on hers, Geo promised himself he was going to remember every detail of this moment for life. His lips finally met hers; words couldn't describe the pride he felt when he felt Olivia move her lips and respond to his kiss. From the previously forced kiss, he noted she tasted like strawberries but this time around, her natural taste was mixed with the taste of his favorite wine, making it worthwhile. The kiss was slow, sweet, and passionate. Geo didn't bother fighting for domination, he didn't want this moment to end so he was playing safe by being erotic. --------------------------- Olivia Price was beyond furious when she was told she had one more task to complete before she could be PARTNER at the reputable law firm she worked. The task was to coach George Westlan, the world's drop-dead gorgeous actor who would be playing a lead role as a lawyer in an upcoming drama series. Would a sober, fierce and might I add, a no-nonsense Olivia Price be able to resist the charms of a Greek god? Does Olivia's profession give room for her to fall in love with a client, especially now that she was in dire need of her promotion? Would she be willing to give up everything she's worked so hard for, for George in the name of love? George Westlan had only one thing in mind, To make Olivia his woman no matter what.


  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • opposites attract
  • kickass heroine
  • powerful
  • Romance


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