Piano by Ear: Classical Box Set 1


Piano by Ear: Classical Box Set 1

Length: 25hrs 09mins 706 episodesCompleted
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In this eclectic Piano by Ear box set, you will get a great education in the key composers for the piano at varying levels of difficulty. All of these titles were hand-selected by Bill Brown in order to give the student all the basic skills needed to play more complex classical pieces while at the same time giving them an enjoyable and recognizable list of songs to play. These songs are all taught “by ear” using no print, music, or video.Lessons include:“Adagio” (Albinoni)“Adagio” in Dm“Barcarolle”“Bouree” in Em“Clair De Lune”“Fugue” in C BWV 846“Gavotte” in Gm“Gigue”“Invention No. 8”“Largo from Xerxes”“March” in Eb“March” in G“Minuet” in Cm“Minuet” in Dm“Minuet” in G No. 7“Minuet” in Gm 822“Musette” in G Bach“Notturno” in Eb“October”“Polonaise 17”“Polonaise 28”“Polonaise” in Gm“Prelude” in C“Serenade No. 4”“Siciliano”“Sonatina” in G Beethoven“The Blue Danube”“To a Wild Rose”


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