Fighting Fate (Runaway Angel book 3)


Fighting Fate (Runaway Angel book 3)

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Amelia and Roman have been friends since Amelia and her mother, Mila, ran away from her abusive father. They end up in a town where werewolves are common, and Mila falls in love with the Alpha, Leo. What happens when Amelia can't take the idea of her future being planned for her? She takes it out on Roman, but of course, he cannot hate her. He has been in love with her from the beginning. Protected her, comforted, and supported her. Sadly, Amelia just believes he is with her so he can be the Alpha when she does not have any desire to be the Luna. Amelia is just a human-born young girl, wanting to explore the world, but her parents expect her to take over a pack of werewolves when she isn't even one. They want her to mate with a boy she only ever saw as her friend, more like a brother. In the shadows lurks an enemy who also has his eye on Amelia, but his intentions are not good. Can Amelia see past the dreamy forcade, or will she fall into a trap, and only her fated Roman can save her? Will she keep fighting her fate or learn to accept it? **THIS BOOK INCLUDES MATURE CONTENT. READERS SHOULD AT LEAST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE**


  • Paranormal
  • fated
  • friends to lovers
  • mate
  • powerful
  • independent
  • first love
  • superpower
  • supernatural
  • war


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