Bright Raven Skies


Bright Raven Skies

Length: 14hrs 44mins 40 episodesCompleted
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Inspired by the legend of Tristan and Eseult, Bright Raven Skies is the third audiobook in a lush fantasy series about warring countries, family secrets, and star-crossed lovers.Branwen has given herself over to the darkest parts of her magic in order to protect her kingdom, but in doing so, she may have lost herself—and the two people she loves most.Tristan and Eseult are missing. As Branwen searches for them, she must also hide the truth of her terrible actions from the night they disappeared.But there are those who don’t want the Queen and her champion to be found; enemies who plot to bring a new reign into power and destroy the fragile peace Branwen has sacrificed everything to secure.


  • Fantasy


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