Yoga Classes for the Complete Beginner


Yoga Classes for the Complete Beginner

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This audio set contains four different yoga classes suitable for the complete beginner. Each class gently and safely introduces different postures and techniques to help create an understanding and to develop a foundation in yoga and yoga practices.Yoga for the Complete Beginner is a gentle, nurturing class that lays a foundation and prepares the body and mind for regular yoga practice. The class introduces the concept of breathing slowly whilst moving the body through a series of preparatory postures.More Yoga for the Complete Beginner naturally follows on from Yoga for the Complete Beginner. It includes a different selection of postures, adding variety to your practice.Yoga Flow for the Complete Beginner provides a nurturing, flowing yoga practice. It introduces the concept of vinyasa flow and moves the body gently through different postures whilst synchronizing the breath and movement.Yoga Nidra for the Complete Beginner introduces the ancient practice of yoga nidra. It will deeply relax both body and mind and increase positive thoughts and habits, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and recharged.All of the classes are gentle and kind on the body and are devised specifically for the complete beginner.


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