The Alpha's Lost Mate


The Alpha's Lost Mate

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He slowly started towards my neck as I felt his warm breath against my collar bone; never feeling like this before and I did not want it to stop. "Elijah..ohm..that feels so good" I could feel the tightness between my thighs as he slowly slid his hand up my waist to cup my breast. My slick was surely soaking my panties by now as his other hand grasped the back of my thigh. "You smell so good I can't wait to taste you," he teased as his warm, wet tongue made its way down my body. As he slowly sucked firmly on my nipple I could feel his dick bulging through his pants; not wanting him to stop I slowly unbuckled his pants and slipped them down over his perfectly shaped hips. As I stood there admiring his beautiful manhood I couldn't help but let a groan out "Oh Elijah you're so big" I said as I licked my lips waiting impatiently to taste his cock. I slowly dropped down to my knees to get a better grip around his huge girth and slowly started licking the head like it was my favorite lollipop. "Oh God damn Julia you sure know how to suck a cock", he moaned as he tried to steady himself against the wall. I could feel him tensing up and I couldn't help my self but to grab hold his throbbing cock and slowly jerk up and down as I could feel his breathing start to hitch and him trying to catch his breath; I knew he was close to coming. "Julia...I'm fixing..to..come" he gasped as he shot his massive load down my throat. I couldn't help but smile as I pulled myself up only to be woken up by the alarm clock going off.


  • alpha
  • dominant
  • submissive
  • kinky
  • omega
  • drama
  • city
  • abuse
  • lies
  • secrets
  • Romance


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