My invisible scars


My invisible scars

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LILLIAN ANDERSON, 17 years old Lillian is beautiful. Ever since she gained her maturity she remembers her family treating her like a garbage. No matter what the problem or situation is, she had served as the family's punching bag. Lilly is that innocent soul who does not know what is her problem and why does her family hates her so much. Her life is turned into a living hell by her brother (Harry) who is the main cause of her problems. Whether the mistake is her or not, she has to get the punishment all the times. Even though Harry drinks alcohol, bullies people in the school, supplies chits during exam time... he is still a nice guy in everyone's eyes but Lilly who has never done anything wrong stands as the major culprit ALWAYS. One mistake committed in her childhood has brought her to a painful situation and......


  • dark
  • kickass heroine
  • comedy
  • abuse
  • betrayal
  • childhood crush
  • football
  • Romance


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