Senator's Dirty Queen


Senator's Dirty Queen

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"Professor Herding told us all about you. And not to mention your father-in-law, Alexander, the Governor," said the Senator, as he brought the drink and gave it to Vignette. "He told us that you were one of his very best political science students. He praised your virtues, telling us about your grades, your research, how hard you studied and how much you loved politics." The Senator's wife, joined in, "Herding told us that you were fine looking, but he neglected to add just how fine looking. And sexy," Maria once again put her hand under Vignette's skirt and against her cunt. Vignette blushed again. The Senator looked at Vignette. His face radiated a grave sincerity. "Loyalty is what this is all about," he said. Vignette, still on her knees, looked up at the Senator. Oh, she wanted his cum to splash into her mouth. "We need to know that you are completely loyal to us, that you will do what we say without question." Vignette again nodded her head yes. The Senator, Roderick, smiled at Vignette. "Yes, I do think you understand what we mean when we talk about loyalty. He stuck his prick back into her mouth, and, as she sucked mightily, shot his wad into the back of her throat. Vignette knew that she was going to have them eating out of her hand in no time...


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