Apocalypse Of The Gods


Apocalypse Of The Gods

Length: 13hrs 43mins 62 episodesCompleted
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The end is here. The world has been consumed by a title wave of radiation that wipes out over half of the population. Some survive with no mutations and stay as they were before. Others become something more. Something different yet ancient. Alora was a normal woman with lots of ambitions and dreams or at least she thought. All of that changed when the end came and she was one of the first to mutate. With the blood of the ancient gods running through her veins, she became a force to be reckoned with but was quickly taken prisoner. Calum was a soldier on leave with all his friends from high school when things went terribly wrong. The group was lucky enough to survive the radiation and have no mutations. Now they are on the move and looking for a safe place to live away from the Titans, Monsters and New Gods. That is, until they see their old friend Alora again. Follow this group of friends turned warriors as they battle together in the post-societal world. Will they find peace? Will they find more survivors? Will that old spark still be there? And who will survive the trials?


  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • fated
  • kickass heroine
  • brave
  • warrior
  • queen
  • tragedy
  • bxg
  • apocalypse


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