My Curvy Girlfriend


My Curvy Girlfriend

Length: 11hrs 59mins 76 episodesCompleted
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Nova is a big girl with a huge heart, she used to be bright, bubbly and fun, she is curvy all over and boobs that most women would die for, that was until she spent three years with Bruno Chambers, a self obsessed Rich boy, who ripped Nova apart hitting her self esteem, self worth and her confidence, Bruno fortunately dumped Nova for a older but straighter figure, Nova throws herself into her work, she works for a fashion magazine as her best friend Lee's assistant, Nova's dream is to become a Professional Photographer, Nova is fighting against her boss Wilma who has hated Nova since she started there and trying to regain the confidence and self love she once had for herself, Nova finds that her past is beginning to catch up with her, in the midst of this chaos, Nova meets Jaxon Paker the boss of Northern Fashion Magazine, a very sexy, older gentleman who cant get the curvaceous beauty out of his mind, Jaxon's original plan is to go in to his company and pretend he's there to learn how the magazine works, he's actually there to find out the reason's why his families magazine is starting to fail, when he meets Nova though, Nova is the only one to be honest with him, as he finds the answers he's been searching for he finds out about Nova's past, will he let Nova explain her side of the story? Will Nova ever be able to leave her past behind her?


  • goodgirl
  • kickass heroine
  • independent
  • self-improved
  • drama
  • sweet
  • mystery
  • chubby
  • photographer
  • Romance


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