The Billionaires Unknown Twins


The Billionaires Unknown Twins

Length: 17hrs 46mins 109 episodesCompleted
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*Completed* =Fall For a Billionaire, Billionaire Romantic-Suspense= Diane, a 29-year-old single office worker, finally has time to get a long vacation on her own, she wants to have some fun with her best friends before her 30th birthday by going on a tour to southeast Asia for 2 weeks. Diane is famous for her shy personality, hence, every ex-lover that she had, always damned her to be frigid. Until she met, Asher, Brandon, and Callum, they will introduce her, To the magical world of pleasure, and after a week together, she got pregnant with twins and decides to raise the twins on her own while maintaining her job. 6 years later, a fateful encounter happened between Diane and the three of them, She is now the manager, and the three younger men are her bosses, Brandon as the CEO while Asher and Callum as the major shareholders. What will happen between them after 6 years apart from each other? Who's the biological father of the twins? Not to mention, the intrigue of a business dealing, along with an act of revenge for prestige and wealth, resulting in death for the loved ones, who's the murderer? What is the real motive? Diane and her twins will get tangled. Asher, Brandon, and Callum will have to protect her and their twins... The unknown twins for the three young men.


  • pregnant
  • independent
  • billionairess
  • drama
  • bxg
  • realistic earth
  • secrets
  • whodunnit
  • harem
  • lonely
  • Romance


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