The Billionaires' Redemption


The Billionaires' Redemption

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FALLING FOR A BILLIONAIRE -REDEEM EX-LOVE CONTEST Love is a strange feeling that can cause the deepest wounds in your soul, but also can heal them. If someone would ever tell me that Antonio Astor the guy who caused me my deepest wounds would be the one to heal them? I would have said to them that they are CRAZY. If someone would ever tell me that Antonio and I would overcome so many challenges and would conquer happiness? I would have said that they are MISTAKEN. But sometimes what we plan for ourselves is completely different from the outcome we get, sometimes falling freely and openly in love is the cure for every mistake in the past and maybe sometimes true forgiveness pays off. 10 years ago I was thrown into a place where all my hopes and dreams of a new start crashed in an instant. That boarding school taught me more than academics, it showed me how cruel, ruthless, heartless the world could be. Dalton Academy shattered my soul, but also gave me Tony, my first and only love, but also my first encounter with deception and heartache, breaking my trust in man, especially him. By the time we grow up, life has reunited us again. Would we be able to overcome our past? Would Antonio's love be able to fix my broken soul? This is a journey into Redemption.


  • billionaire
  • forced
  • goodgirl
  • brave
  • heir/heiress
  • drama
  • humorous
  • heavy
  • kicking
  • childhood crush
  • Romance


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