You Still Belong To Me


You Still Belong To Me

Length: 11hrs 02mins 60 episodesCompleted
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#Fall For A Billionaire- Redeem Ex's Love Writing Contest "She was the only girl I ever loved. But she turned out to be the ugly scar in my life. Now she wants me to help her,save her family. Once I wanted to marry her and treat her like a Queen. But now, she will be my mistress. My new Toy, My new Pet Everyday paying for the sins she committed. Because nobody will cross me" ■■■ love Is the sweetest thing in the world, which can make you walk through the fire.. But this is a story after love. He loved her once..... Nathaniel Reed. Angry eyes which holds the look of revenge. Julia Thomas, Broken eyes which holds the look of loath Ten years ago. Julia had a gigantic crush on Trevor Reed, the younger son of the Reed Family But she fell hard for Nathaniel, Trevor's older brother. There was something between them, that they couldn't let go of each other. But now, he hates the sight of her. He is back in the town, the newest CEO of Reed companies. She just lost her father, she needs money to save her family, and she knows the only person who can save her, Nate. Because there is one thing the Billionaire needs more than anything in his life. And that is, her! Second time is the charm, they say. But he wants revenge from the only women he loved. What happened between them ten years ago? She knows he is going to break her, but sometimes that's the price you got to pay for love. The rich family son, the poor Cinderella. But here the prince isn't the hero. And he is not looking for the glass slipper. Instead, he is the anti-hero, who is trying to break the glass shelter. He offers a proposition. And that is, she will be his mistress. His New toy, his new Pet For him to break and care. But what if the sparks fly again. Because there will be one true love. You still belong to me - a story of love which is now turned to revenge… A second chance at love, two hearts which belonged together but not destined.


  • billionaire
  • possessive
  • second chance
  • powerful
  • CEO
  • bxg
  • small town
  • enimies to lovers
  • first love
  • secrets
  • Romance


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