Gates of Eden


Gates of Eden

Length: 09hrs 48mins 27 episodesCompleted
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They were following a trail to the dawn of time! Deep in the heart of Africa lies humankind’s most awesome secret! PARADISE FOUND? The drawings were crude, yet unmistakable. A grave. Drawn by a woman, who, through hypnosis, has regressed to the dawn of humankind. The grave was that of her mother. And she was the daughter of Eve. Did it exist? The undiscovered grave site of Eve? The consequences were staggering. It could be the missing link. The last element that would bring science and religion together. Genesis could be proven! Following a rough map, a group of six people, each in his or her own way obsessed with the potential discovery, ventures deep into the vast, treacherous African savanna. A powerful truth awaits them at The Gates of Eden!


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