Reluctant King


Reluctant King

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The King family is on the political rise in New York City, but must weather the violent storm wrought by their darkest secrets.Meet the Kings, one of the most influential families in New York City. In the power circles of the movers and shakers, they are regarded as modern-day royalty. A politically connected father, a socialite mother, and three promising children: they look every bit the all-American family … but every family has secrets. Some darker than others.Of all the children, Shadow is the least like the rest of the Kings. To call him soft wouldn’t be quite accurate, but he lacks the leadership qualities of his older brother, Ghost, or the ruthless tendencies of his sister, Lolli. Shadow is just … Shadow. Instead of accepting his role in the “Monarchy” created by his father, Shadow would rather spend his days chasing women and hanging out in the hood with his best friends, Fresh and Pain. He is totally oblivious to the perils that come with his last name—until danger introduces itself.On the night of their mother’s fiftieth birthday gala, their father, Chancellor, is set to announce his plans to turn his political focus beyond his current position as a member of the city council. He has tasted the benefits that come with holding office and has the power and influence to make a serious run at climbing the political ladder.The future is looking bright for the King family. That is, until the devil comes to claim his due and threatens to destroy everything Chancellor has worked to build. To survive the coming storm, each member of the royal family will have to make a sacrifice—even those who are reluctant to wear the crown.


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