Genesis: An Expositional Commentary, Vol. 2


Genesis: An Expositional Commentary, Vol. 2

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In this commentary on Genesis 12–36, Boice traces the “new beginning” of God’s plan of redemption, which arose out of God’s relationship with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. By delving into the patriarchs’ lives, Boice demonstrates how much they are like us and how easily we relate to them, both in triumphs and failures.The second of three volumes on the Book of Genesis, A New Beginning shows how God changed the course of history beginning with one less-than-perfect man. It reveals the patriarchs’ stories as compelling, dramatic, and true to life. As you study their stories, writes Boice, “I trust that God will use their strengths and weaknesses, victories and failures, to guide you in the true path of discipleship and to strengthen your witness.” Topics covered include:The Gift of Faith (12:4)Promises to Live By (15:2–5)God’s Covenant Children (17:23–27)What Made Abraham Glad? (22:13–14)A Tale of Two Sons (25:12–26)Jacob’s Wages (30:25–43)


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