What Ya Girl Won’t Do


What Ya Girl Won’t Do

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Kylee Hampton is no poor little rich girl. She’s living the life—nicely furnished condo, decent ride, designer clothes, and a purse and shoe game to kill for—and she knows it. Mommy and Daddy foot the bills for their only child. In their eyes, she deserves it. Kylee’s never given them problems. She graduated high school and is ready to start her freshman year of college.If her parents took time to look into her closet, they’d do the math and realize that not even the allowance they provide Kylee could afford her all the luxuries she has. Of course, Kylee would never allow them in her closet because she knows that beneath the red bottom shoes and Louis Vuitton bags, skeletons would be discovered.Kylee’s secrets are safe with her girl Ja’Nay, a loyal friend who has tried to be the voice of reason when it comes to Kylee’s lifestyle. Ja’Nay hasn’t been able to get Kylee to see the ugliness of her ways, but she still prays that her friend will come to her senses. The last thing Ja’Nay wants is for Kylee to reap what she sows.


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