Bi-Curious, Vol. 2


Bi-Curious, Vol. 2

Length: 06hrs 47mins 25 episodesCompleted
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Natalie Weber takes you on another erotic ride to the bi-curious side!Serenity has started a new life in Detroit after the death of her lover-turned-enemy, Sadie. She’s even begun a hot-and-heavy hetero relationship with a hood-smart restaurateur named Cass. But Serenity can’t deny the sexual satisfaction she can get only with a woman—so she sleeps with Cass’s sister, Heaven! And it’s good, so good … But she can only get so much Heaven before Cass finds out … or before someone from her past finds out.Soon, she’s ensnared in a scheme masterminded by the late Sadie’s murderous brother, Shawn P., and it seems like Heaven may not be so heavenly after all. When the stakes skyrocket to life and death, will bi-curiosity kill Serenity?


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