Hot Mess


Hot Mess

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When Alecia “Joy” Middleson meets Minke, a young hustler from Brooklyn, he quickly becomes her world. He feels the same way about her—she is his better half. By the age of eighteen, Alecia is married and has two children by Minke. Their life is like a fairy tale, until Minke discovers that he’s been deceived by his wife and leaves her and her children with only the clothes on their backs.Heartbroken and lonely, Alecia cant shake the feeling that she will never be the same. Her mother always told her that this day would come and she hates herself for not being prepared for it. Now she’s alone and her confidence is shot. She’s lost what she thought was the perfect size eight frame and she’s not comfortable in her new full-figured body. Desperate for attention from anyone, she finds herself in one bad situation after another, from living in shelters to dealing with abusive men, from drug use to fighting with her selfish mother. The only good thing in her life is her kids. All in all she’s a hot mess.On the brink of a mental breakdown, she finally gathers the courage to change her outlook on life and take charge. Along the way she will make some choices that aren’t always the best, but if this hot mess can stay the course, she just might find her happiness again.


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