Cutting Through


Cutting Through

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The financial health of your organization depends on it! Bernie Haffey’s Cutting Through is a comprehensive exploration into the nuances of the key high performance management systems that turn good companies into great ones!SUCCESS BEGINS WITH A SYSTEM!Doctors, mechanics, pilots … What do all of these professionals have in common? Simple: each operates within the framework of an established set of principles that guides all they do. Just as you wouldn’t build a house by first tacking on a roof, you can’t expect your business to flourish without understanding the underlying mechanisms that drive it.You need a foundation, an order, a system.Cutting Through is the blueprint to discovering and optimizing that system. The ideological quicksand of leadership trial-by-fire is gone. The best businesses of tomorrow will need to be equipped with a robust management system that drives performance from the ground up! How do you get there? Here’s a hint: you can’t intuit it; it’s going to take some work.Eliminate, simplify, and optimize your internal processes to achieve breakthrough business results!


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