His Daddy Alpha


His Daddy Alpha

Length: 11hrs 57mins 93 episodesCompleted
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When a widowed teacher meets his puppy mate home, can love find a way between them? Jordan is a simple, very simple Arts teacher, who lives the same routine every day after his divorce with his wife, but it all goes downhill on a day when he finds an abandoned puppy in an alley. The little one that he took home turns out to be, a Werewolf pup, not just any Werewolf pup. He was the oldest son of the Alpha Liam, a powerful CEO that the professor had seen on TV before, however, it was just the beginning of the changes in his life. The newly widowed man decided that he was the new nanny for his children after calling him Mate, a word that Jordan had heard before, but that he didn't know what it meant for the Werewolves. Was it possible that romance would bloom between the clueless Teacher and the cold-hearted Alpha? Or was that mating destined to fail even before it started while someone in the shadows still wanted to end Liam's life by revenge, and kidnapping his pup was just the beginning?


  • LGBT+
  • alpha
  • possessive
  • sex
  • powerful
  • CEO
  • drama
  • bxb
  • Forbidden


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