So Good to Be Bad


So Good to Be Bad

Length: 03hrs 45mins 21 episodesCompleted
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Harkening back to nostalgic nuggets such as Matilda and The Goonies, but with a twist of modern storytelling a la Captain Underpants, So Good to Be Bad presents a very unique audio story for young listeners.Moishe “Mushy” Luftmensch, age ten and a half, has a big problem: he’s a very good kid … in a very bad world (and we mean very, very bad! We’re talking “tangerine peanut butter and garlic milkshakes” bad!). When Mushy proves to be too good for his, well … own good … he’s summarily shipped off to a special camp for “good eggs” like him. It’s no surprise we end up at a particularly unique camp where kids like Mushy are turned from really good to really bad … just like they’re supposed to be.But while at reformatory camp, Mushy befriends some of the other “good egg” campers, and they decide that maybe now and maybe together they can make their move, escape, and work to change the world—quite literally—for the better. All before it’s too late!


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