Neon Redemption


Neon Redemption

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There are no heroes, only survivors. With the literary magic he bonded years ago, Everest Lovecraft can peer into the future. But the bright life he predicted died with the man he loved. Now he’s a traitor, obsolete to the insurrection, and Everest’s choices have narrowed to a single fork in the road. One path will break the cycle of evil at the cost of his sanity. The other offers freedom in exchange for his honor.Immorality would mean a fresh start: money, allies, and agency. But if he leaves, people will die, including the only man since his husband that looks at him with desire. Reality is going to rupture either way. Is it better to reign in hell or be torn apart fighting for a second chance for love?Neon Redemption is the second book in the Words of Power quartet. Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets the Umbrella Academy in this new weird / urban fantasy romance full of Arthurian mythology, smart humor, found family, and spicy slow-burn m/f and m/m love stories.


  • Fantasy


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