A Broken Soul and A Broken Heart


A Broken Soul and A Broken Heart

Length: 08hrs 34mins 68 episodesCompleted
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Aleera Hawks had just true 17 and escaped the family pack. She has been a prisoner in her own home for 6 years. She finally got out and founded her mate Darius Knight and he brought her back to life, everything seems to go well when her baby brother came back from the dead, Aleera had been led to believe that her baby brother Angelo was murder together with their mother. She got mated and marked by Darius and the pack had a huge party for her when they got attacked by the moonlit pack and they took her back and raped and abused her so badly that she died, she meat the moon goddess Selene again and Selene gave Aleera two choices 1.Follow her and let their unborn child live 2.Go back to Darius and would never be able to conceive another child What choice did Aleera choose? Will she go back or send their unborn child to Darius, follow the second book to find out what she chooses Copyright © 2020 by Mikaela olsson


  • Paranormal
  • second chance
  • pregnant
  • kickass heroine
  • luna
  • drama
  • tragedy
  • werewolves


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