THE ITALIAN BOSS: Old Habits Die Hard


THE ITALIAN BOSS: Old Habits Die Hard

Length: 10hrs 33mins 65 episodesCompleted
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This is Book 2 of THE ITALIAN BOSS. When Anastasia thought her husband's old habits had died, she discovers that they were actually waiting for the right moment to turn up. This hurts Ana emotionally and physically. When she realises that she has had enough, she thinks to herself and decodes whether to become Maurizio's enemy or his partner until death does them apart, but she chooses between the latter. Maurizio refuses to live by the rules, as we have learned in Book 1. He is more arrogant and unstoppable, but no matter how his self-consciousness makes him lose it and hurt his family, they will always be his number one priority and they all know it for sure. Later, when he soon realises and discovers what his wife has planned, he refuses to make her dreams come true without fighting.


  • Steamy Stories
  • billionaire
  • dark
  • dominant
  • maffia
  • bxg
  • city
  • abuse
  • betrayal
  • punishment
  • brutal


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