The Princess's Stolen Body


The Princess's Stolen Body

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I froze. My eyes caught the image in front of me, and that was when I remembered what I had seen in my dreams. She had been looking through the mirror in my dream too. I let out a small scream turning around myself … but no one was there. I turned around again, seeing her look through the mirror and scared, I took a step back, thinking she would grab me again, but she just stared back at me, not doing anything. I looked behind myself again, and that was when I saw it … This wasn’t my room! This was a very small room with brown wooden walls, and a small door, where you had to dug to get out. I ran over to the mirror again, reaching out for the glass, touching it and … “No … no … no … no,” I whispered shaking my head. It was not possible! Something like this was not possible! It couldn’t be … but then how else did I explain what I was seeing? How else did I explain she was looking right back at me with the same scared and shocked expression, as me?! “Oh no … It can’t be,” I whispered. “I just … can’t.” “Elisa!” I heard someone calling. Elisa?! Was that her name? I looked around not knowing what to do. What did I say? What did I do?! Liana is born with a special gift to see the future, but is tricked by a pagan woman, when she seeks help for her nightmares. The two women trade bodies, and Liana must convince her family she is her, but when that fails she seeks out the help of a thief. A thief who tried to steal from her ... Jonah just wants to take from those who already have so much and give to those who barely has anything. He knows better than anyone what it is like coming from the streets, but what he wasn't expecting was the kindness of the young princess Liana, who he tried stealing from and then ended up being ... released? Jonah has never met such a kind person, and when Liana comes to him for help, how can he refuse her? *Book Three* Recommended to first read: My Broken Knight and The Prince And The Pagan


  • Fantasy
  • body exchange
  • sensitive
  • brave
  • confident
  • princess
  • drama
  • bxg
  • magical world
  • witchcraft
  • rebirth/reborn


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