His Forbidden Goddaughter


His Forbidden Goddaughter

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***WARNING THIS BOOK CONTAINS LOTS OF EXPLICIT SCENES, VIOLENCE, AND VULGAR LANGUAGE*** Alberto Morello was known as one of the most ruthless Capos to ever exist. There was only one other man as powerful and ruthless as him and that was his best friend, Francisco Blanco. Francisco and Alberto were raised in the midst of violence, blood, and drugs. They lived for that. That was why they made a pact to rule the world together. While Alberto ruled the western hemisphere, Francisco took the eastern. Their bond was unique and unbreakable. Well, that was until Alberto’s goddaughter, Isadora Blanco, grew up to become Alberto’s strongest and most forbidden desire. He had everything in the world except the daughter of his best friend and his goddaughter. He tried to stay away, avoiding her at all cost, but it wasn’t until her twenty-first birthday that Alberto broke his promise to himself. His promise to never act on his lust. His promise to not touch that innocent girl that happened to be his goddaughter. The problem was just that. That Isadora was not a little girl anymore and that she was far from innocent. Will Alberto’s desire and obsession for Isadora cause his friendship with Francisco to break? Will he throw caution out the window and claim that goddess of a woman? Or will he keep his lust under control and keep his relationship with Isadora as it was intended? A simple goddaughter-godfather relationship. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The music came to a halt as the announcer spoke through the microphone. He was talking a whole bunch of shīt that I really didn’t have time for. But one thing I knew for sure, he was making way to present her. The birthday girl. My goddaughter, Isadora Blanco. The one that I have been avoiding for years so that I wouldn’t fall into temptation.  Most may think that I’m the worst godfather in the world, but fūck it. If I was anywhere near her, I wouldn’t have held back this long. I would have bent her over any and every surface and fūcked her into unconsciousness. But she didn’t deserve it. She is an innocent little girl that didn’t deserve to be part of our world and especially not have a ruthless fūck like me lusting over her.  Even though I wasn’t listening, my eyes made their way up to the top of the stairs. Maybe it was instinct, but the moment my eyes reached the top, my breath hitched.  There she stood. Fūcking beautiful and perfect like no one I have ever met. Tall, olive-skinned queen with beautiful brunette hair styled to the side. She wore a long white fitted dress with a high as fūck slit and a plunged neckline that made my hold around my glass of whiskey tighten. She looked like a fūcking angel. My angel.  I closed my eyes briefly. She isn’t mine and can never be mine. I just had to get that into my fūcking head. I knew it was a bad idea to come here, but Francisco insisted. He said that he would never forgive me if I missed it and that she wouldn’t either.  I took deep breaths, trying to control myself. ‘You can do this. It’s only a few hours.’ I told myself as I opened my eyes. ‘The fūck I can.’ I hissed to myself when my little angel placed a kiss on some motherfūcker that wasn’t me. My blood boiled at the sight, making me squeeze my hand tightly around the glass tumbler, causing it to shatter in my hand.  The shattering glass caused everyone to turn to me, making me clear my throat uncomfortably. My eyes never left her face as she pulled away from the asšhole’s face and turned to face me. The moment our eyes met, she smiled. But it wasn’t an innocent smile and she confirmed it when she bit her bottom lip ever so gently, making me internally groan. She lifted her leg slowly, making her way towards me as her hips swayed from side to side.  My cōck was hard as fūck. Uncomfortably hard at that and I was sure that if I didn’t move soon, someone would see it. But my feet were glued to the ground, confirming something else. That I was fūcked. 


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