Sexting With A Vampire


Sexting With A Vampire

Length: 34hrs 49mins 205 episodesCompleted
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Sexting With A Vampire: Evan & Stella One day my vampire master, Ashley, hands me her phone with a simple task: make her future husband fall in love with her through conversation. And that changes my life forever. My name is Stella, and my purpose in life is to serve and never question my position. I'm a werewolf, but I don't have a pack. Lady Ashley is my vampire master. And if I question a direct order from Ashley, there will be consequences.So now, I'm sexting with her future husband, Evan, the vampire prince, without complaint. The only problem is that I'm falling for Evan myself. I like him, but how long can I fool him into thinking he is talking to Ashley? Evan hates werewolves, and I can't change what I am. Suddenly, I wish I could swap places with Ashley. Because once Evan finds out who he has been sexting with, he will detest me.But there is another problem: my twentieth birthday is coming up, and alpha Raphael is already claiming I'm his fated mate. Playing With A Hybrid: William & Rebecca(Willam is the son of Evan & Stella) My name is Rebecca.I'm a lycan rogue chased by demons who wish to eat me, and anyone who gets close to me will put themself at risk. People die because of me. I have a strange power that I can't control. It's an ability that takes me to different locations, sometimes even making me time travel. It means that I have no home to call my own. Enemy With The Alpha: Leo &Nora(Nora is one of the twin daughter of Evan & Stella) I don't want to attend my sister's wedding.I hate her future husband, Leo Saint. He is the devil reincarnated, and anyone with a lick of reasoning knows this to be the truth. There might be angelic blood coursing through his veins, but Leo is evil. He rakes his fingers through his hair, sighing. "Whatever... I will be at the wedding, and if your sister doesn't wind up being my mate, you better have it in you to switch places." There is nothing between us, and the only reason Leo is marrying me is to save the world.There is no beginning of love, only duty.


  • Paranormal
  • alpha
  • love-triangle
  • fated
  • opposites attract
  • pregnant
  • badboy
  • bully
  • vampire
  • enimies to lovers
  • weak to strong


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