Harder I Fall, The Higher I Bounce


Harder I Fall, The Higher I Bounce

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You could say that Max James is an author who developed much of his character through sheer force of labor. Growing up on a farm with a strong-minded father, the virtue of a hard day's work was instilled in Max from a very young age. Through Max's experiences on the farm, the Air Force Academy, the Vietnam War, and more, he forged an unshakeable ethos that propelled him into becoming a remarkable entrepreneur.The Harder I Fall, The Higher I Bounce is Max James' story of his own life experiences, both funny and heart-wrenching, that taught him lasting life lessons about relationships, personal fulfillment, and success in business.It has been said that life is the best teacher, and The Harder I Fall certainly makes a compelling case for the truth in that statement.Through the captivating power of his own exciting life stories, Max James proves the rules of entrepreneurship to have real-world applications time and time again.If you don't like your work, you probably don't do it very wellAlways be prepared to walk away from the negotiating tableCut your losses earlyNever sell past the closeDon't burn bridges behind youWith each life story yielding a brand new lesson, readers will be captivated to see entrepreneurship and life from an entirely new lens.The Harder I Fall, The Higher I Bounce, by Max James is a fantastic tribute to the magic of life experience to shape us into greater people. Don't miss this amazing read for seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs alike!


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