End to Upside Down Liberty


End to Upside Down Liberty

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How should society be organized? Most of us would point to the necessity of a traditionally structured government comprising trustworthy elected representatives who watch over the masses almost like responsible parents. However, throughout history we’ve seen such governments abuse their power to enact incalculable damage. In the most extreme cases, governments have been responsible for brainwashing, slavery, and genocide; and in more subtle instances, civil liberties are slowly eroded. Democracies aren’t immune from these dangers, either.In An End to Upside Down Liberty, award-winning author Mark Gober explains why the institution of government—a monopolistic body with which citizens have no explicit contractual relationship—is inherently hazardous to our freedom. He explores an alternative governing framework that stresses the importance of private-property rights and voluntary exchanges and examines the potential to privatize the government’s poorly managed public sector. But unlike most political and economic discussions, Gober goes a step further by introducing metaphysics into the mix. He draws from the extensive body of scientific evidence covered in his two previous books—including near-death-experience research—to explore the nature of reality, consciousness, and why we exist. This comprehensive approach can be used to steer humanity’s future away from enslavement … and toward liberty. The stakes are high, and the message is urgent. You won’t look at the world the same way after reading this book.


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