Stellar, Vol. 2


Stellar, Vol. 2

Length: 11hrs 22mins 22 episodesCompleted
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Step #1: Dress up as your crush’s superhero to impress him. Check.Step #2: Fight off the bullies who have been plaguing the school. Check.Step #3: Get drawn into a plot to bring back the city’s notorious villain and—wait, what?Yup. That just happened. And sometimes Macy Davis still can’t believe it.On Macy’s list of things to do, taking on a new crime syndicate wasn’t at the top. Patrolling the city as Stellar, balancing crime-fighting with romance as she fans a budding relationship, and finding Luminesa, her elusive co-superhero, are her priorities. But when she stumbles upon a new enemy and the Alderwoman’s plans to retake the city, she must become more than just the muscle and venture into a world beneath Port Saint Dominic. With the help of old friends and some peculiar new ones, she sets out to unravel the mysteries of the city’s hidden past.


  • Action


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