Resisting The Alpha


Resisting The Alpha

Length: 11hrs 44mins 59 episodesCompleted
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Hazel, a young girl who wants nothing but to live her life happily. Having a drunkard for a father, she had to drop out of school and start working at a restaurant even though she wanted to pursue her education. Things started to go downhill in her life and she decided to leave her abusive father to another city, to pursue her studies where she enters a whole new world. The world that she never even imagined to exist in real life. Lucas, the Alpha of the Bloodmoon pack, which happens to be the largest pack in Canada, believes that humans are merely fragile little creatures that don't deserve his time. For him, the pack comes first before anything. Until Lucas cross paths with Hazel. He would do anything to keep her by his side. But will she allow him? Would her previous heartbreak will allow Lucas to fill in the vacant spot in her heart now? Would Lucas be able to crack those bricks that Hazel had built around herself? "Let me in, please" Lucas begged as he watched me with those beautiful eyes that had been haunting me from day one. " I can't" I smiled sadly at him as I watched the pain in his eyes intensified. "Why?" He asked closing the distance between the two of us. "Because I don't deserve you" With that, I started to run away from him, hoping he would never follow me.


  • Fantasy
  • billionaire
  • fated
  • confident
  • luna
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • campus
  • pack


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