Mr. High Maintenance


Mr. High Maintenance

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Meet Jerome, Lamant, and Marcus. These single men are strangers to each other, but share one thing in common: their high-maintenance needs drive women away.Jerome Hart’s ideal relationship is not to be in one. He has no intention of slowing down his bed-hopping, fast-lane ways. He enjoys his single life.Twenty-eight-year-old Lamant James is busy as usual, figuring out how to balance working sixty hours a week as an investment banker, searching for his ideal mate, and fulfilling his dream of becoming a writer. Women have to meet twenty-nine essentials for mating to fit into his rigid dating inbox. And not surprisingly, he hasn’t found the right one yet.Recently divorced forty-year-old Marcus Hill would prefer a not-so-desperate housewife mail-ordered and shipped from the 1950s. He never saw his divorce coming, due to his belief that he was a super-duper husband.Why their ideal women are so hard to find is beyond any of them. The possibility of changing themselves is unthinkable. Can they evolve, or face ending up alone?


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