Between Friends


Between Friends

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Following one of the biggest busts in Atlanta’s history, DEA Agent Orlando “Trip” Spencer is called back to his hometown to help manage the fallout. The investigation becomes complicated when drug kingpins start turning up dead and weapons are being funneled into the county jail. It’s up to Trip to figure out the “who, what, and why” and put a stop to the slaughters taking place on the streets of the Dirty South. Unfortunately, what he uncovers hits a little too close to home.Idalis Arrington was once one of Trip’s closest friends, until she met Lincoln Briscoe. Her new relationship drove a wedge between the two best friends, but Trip’s return to Atlanta and her grandmother’s illness cause Idalis to reconnect with her old friend. Her perfect world soon becomes messy, and she finds herself praying that Trip’s visit is a short one.Lincoln “Linc” Briscoe, a lieutenant with the Atlanta Police Department, knows he has a lot at stake with Special Agent Spencer in town. He refuses to let anyone jeopardize what he’s worked so hard to gain, including his relationship with Idalis. Linc is ready to do whatever it takes to keep control of everything he has, no matter what the cost.Will Trip and Linc be able to avoid the collision course they’ve been on since college, or will they collide and explode, taking down everyone in their wake? Can Idalis handle the pressure brought on by Trip and Lincoln’s hatred, or will she crack, revealing her own shortcomings? There is no telling what can happen when truths are revealed between friends.


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