Bride Experiment


Bride Experiment

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James is days away from being married when he learns his fiancé Raquel has been keeping an explosive secret. Humiliated and with his reputation on the line, he sets out to destroy Raquel. The bride-to-be strikes back with a blow so intense it leaves James defenseless, with his life spiraling out of control.Within days, he is a shell of the confident, charismatic man he once was. James is contemplating suicide when he is almost killed in an accident. Now he is sure of only two things: he is too scared to die, and not fit to live.When Joan, an ex-girlfriend, introduces James to her pastor, he can’t help but be intrigued. James is introduced to a world he did not know existed: single men who love God intensely. These men abstain from sex until married and read the scriptures like most men read the sports pages. Women are treated like precious jewels and held with the highest regard. Instead of strolling the clubs looking for girlfriends, they are kneeling at pews, praying for wives.James isn’t sure he’s buying any of it, but when the pastor offers to mentor him, he accepts the challenge. Living for the Lord when he’s been accustomed to the world brings a multitude of unexpected consequences. Can a ladies’ man really become God’s man?


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