The Duke's Unwanted Bride


The Duke's Unwanted Bride

Length: 13hrs 54mins 82 episodesCompleted
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When an American beauty disguised as a man meets an arrogant English Duke, will love blossom between them? Across the vast ocean sailed Cassandra Trenton, a free-spirited American beauty left suddenly orphaned and alone. Eager to claim her long-lost heritage, she was amazed at the formal elegance of Eastland, the sumptuous English estate of her distant cousin, the notorious Duke of Eastland. Sought after at plays, operas, and balls by London and most fashionable ladies. Henry remained a mystery to Cassandra. Bewildered by his arrogant demeanor, yet drawn to his panther-like grace, she came to sense the searingly painful memories that smoldered in the depths of his jade-green eyes. Because of a scandal, they were enfolded in fierce, consuming joy, free at last from the past's cruel grasp. Then, in a moment of blinding anguish, Cassandra discovered the shocking treachery that lay at the heart of their love and love she had dreamed would triumph. Perhaps, love wasn't it all.


  • love after marriage
  • kickass heroine
  • decisive
  • confident
  • drama
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • female lead
  • royal
  • Romance


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