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"Let me cut to the chase and tell you the real reason why our men went through all the trouble of bringing you here,” he huskily utters. Upon hearing that, I reposition myself on the chair and I get ready to listen attentively for it feels like I have been waiting for all eternity to get some answers. I start to feel extremely nervous; suddenly I begin to feel my mouth going dry and my palms getting sweaty. I peer expectantly at him with widened curious eyes. “Alexander needs a surrogate to carry his heir,” he firmly announces. I'm left baffled as I cannot believe my ears, why would a young, proud and dashingly handsome billionaire like Alexander Rothcop go through the trouble of kidnapping and imprisoning someone like me just so she can carry his own flesh and blood when he can have a royal princess to carry his heir?? **** Tyra's life completely changes when all of a sudden she finds herself imprisoned in a Billionaire's mansion. Alexander Rothcop is a cold and ruthless Billionaire. Tyra soon learns of his dark past which shaped him into the heartless man he is today. She also uncovers the many secrets that the Rothcop Mansion holds. After learning more about him including his past will she decide to warm up his cold heart with her love or will she find a way to escape the monster he is?


  • killer
  • boss
  • drama
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • mystery
  • icy
  • evil
  • realistic earth
  • poor to rich
  • Romance


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