My Boss then My Master


My Boss then My Master

Length: 32hrs 12mins 158 episodesCompleted
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This book has three story’s in 1 My boss then my master Delilas bonus story Then jitters darkness My Boss then my Master blurb : My up bringing used to be perfect , my life used to be perfect. Until it all went to s**t, a parent that cracked under the pressure of being a widowed father lead to hell for a small grieving child. As an adult well I was nothing really , 9 to 5 job and a boring life except for partying. Then I got a new CEO , that was the day everything changed. I was shown a life that well …. just fit me. I was hooked on him , on the adventure and most of all the pleasure he could show me. Who knew life could actually be so what’s the word bright ! Jitter's Darkness blurb: Jitter had been alone most of his life. He didn't make connections with people. Because if fucking hurt when they left. Until he met Tami. Her just couldn't make himself leave her alone. He even stooped so low as to follow her around. But when a mission called his name. Where he had to go under cover at an motor cycle club. He couldn't go months without seeing her. So he dragged her into the danger like a selfish asshole. How will there relationship fair when he demons make him crazy. Or when the danger of what they are doing starts getting too much for her. Will they survive it ?


  • Steamy Stories
  • dark
  • possessive
  • sex
  • dominant
  • submissive
  • badboy
  • drama
  • bxg
  • discipline
  • punishment


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