The Thunder Wolves MC - Blair (Book #2)


The Thunder Wolves MC - Blair (Book #2)

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Her fingers slipped under the waistband of my boxers pulling me the rest of the way from my sleep. Opening my eyes I was greeted with the most beautiful sights ever. Blair was already naked and was leaning over me. She moved my boxers down freeing my already hard c**k from the confines of the fabric. She wasted no time after freeing it to capture it with her mouth sucking the tip of it in as she wrapped her fingers around the base making me moan. Reaching up I pulled her hair back holding it out of the way so I could watch her bob up and down taking me in as far as she could, while using her hand on the bit she couldn’t get into her mouth. I let her continue for a short time before pulling gently on her hair removing my c**k from her sexy mouth with a pop. “My turn.” I didn’t give her a chance to respond before flipping us both over and moving down her body shoving her legs to the sides. *****Trigger warning. This book contains physical abuse, mention of rape, and suecide. ***If you haven't already read The Thunder Wolves MC -Jaylee I recommend reading that one first as this book is a continuation and reference events from Jaylee's story. Thank you.


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