Harvard Can't Teach What You Learn from the Streets


Harvard Can't Teach What You Learn from the Streets

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There are many paths to becoming successful in real estate. But flipping houses, holding a license or owning a home is only the beginning of what could be a long and transformative journey to building lasting wealth through real estate.Your new instructor is about to arrive, but he won’t be sitting you down in a classroom—instead, the opposite. Real estate investment icon Sam Liebman will whisk you straight from your seats down to the streets.Harvard Can’t Teach What You Learn from the Streets is no ordinary real estate investment guide. It’s Sam Liebman’s “no holds barred” deep dive into the fine art of becoming a real estate mogul yourself.Liebman experienced a rise to notoriety as a real estate investor after taking 4 vacant stores in Manhattan and building a new 21-story luxury condominium project with a sellout in excess of 100M. He has a penchant for taking property from rubble to ritz, and breaks down exactly how even a beginner investor can replicate the process.A classroom environment can only teach you so much. But raw experience can take even the greenest investor and forge them into a seasoned pro. Through transparent access to Liebman’s expertise, you’ll be on the fast track to commercial real estate success.Sam Liebman will teach you:To master the core fundamentals of real estate systematically, one step at a time.The financial categories and components of a properties revenue and operating expenses.The tricks of the trade, the knowledge the pros use, and what goes on in the back room.How to uncover the “inside story” of a property, allowing you to find opportunities overlooked by others.And much, much more.Harvard Can’t Teach What You Learn from the Streets paves the way for new investors to transform their lives through the power of commercial real estate.And by standing on the shoulders of giants such as Sam Liebman, you’ll be able to reach far beyond where you’ve ever thought possible.


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