General’s Barber and the Seamstress


General’s Barber and the Seamstress

Length: 10hrs 12mins 49 episodesCompleted
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When Hitler invades Poland in 1939, newlyweds Józef and Marysia Buko are catapulted into a sudden and heart-wrenching seven-year separation. Józef honors the soldier’s code and is forced to fight battles in many foreign lands. Marysia remains in Warsaw to join in the underground resistance against Poland’s Nazi occupiers. Each faces life-threatening situations demanding courage, faith, and resilience if the couple is ever to see each other again.Many books have been written about the heroic actions following both attacks, but few of these works reveal the consequences of war on the daily lives of ordinary people. The General's Barber and the Seamstress gives a personal and intimate face to balance the military stories.


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