Silence of Ash


Silence of Ash

Length: 13hrs 59mins 38 episodesCompleted
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One city. Nine operatives. Millions of possible threats …The Nameless are no more. Former agent Sofia Ortiz must put aside her grief and form a new team—Arclight. After discovering damning intel, General Munroe dispatches them on a recon mission to Hong Kong, in the heart of enemy territory.Zanzi Connors, despondent over the mystery of her missing parents and burdened by guilt, hesitantly agrees to join. With the clock ticking and choices limited, Arclight begins a desperate fight to fulfill their oath of being the beacon in a world of darkness.This operation will test the new agents of LK3 in ways unimaginable as they unveil a sinister plan that could doom humanity to an apocalyptic future.


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